Plymouth animal rescue asks for donations after the bulldog’s emergency surgery

A local nonprofit animal rescue organization is asking for donations after rescuing a bulldog that needed emergency surgery.

The Rescue Crew, located in Plymouth, says its founder was picking up a cat the organization had committed to rescuing earlier this week when he met a 2 or 3-year-old bulldog who was feared to be in need of emergency surgery to survive.

Upon taking the dog for emergency care, it was found that she had a ruptured uterine infection with fluid in her abdomen.

After actually opening her up, the nonprofit says the veterinary surgeon found the dog had swallowed around 6 inches of a leash. Additionally, portions of the leash had stitching coming out, which was cutting the dog’s intestines.

The Rescue Crew says the bulldog had 3 feet of its intestine removed because of five or six perforations.

“She absolutely would not have made it through the night and would have suffered a very horrible and painful death by herself,” the organization wrote in a social media message.

She’s now doing “as well as can be expected.”

However, the cost of the emergency care is currently estimated between $11,233 and $12,881, The Rescue Crew says, adding that it “desperately” needs financial donations to help cover the cost.

As of Thursday evening, a little over $1,100 had been donated through a Facebook fundraiser. Click here for more information or to make a donation.