Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant and Bar closes

Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant and Bar announced on Saturday that it will close as of May 31. 

According to a statement, Morrissey Hospitality is working to provide opportunities for all staff, and some staff has even have been there since the doors opened on Oct. 27, 1998. 

The restaurant will provide severance packages to all employees, and Morrissey Hospitality will retain ownership of 360 St. Peter St. 

"Irrespective of when restrictions are lifted, we are not confident in the immediate return of customers who are worried about their health and family members. Pazzaluna was created for our customers to enjoy each other's company in a sharing, vibrant atmosphere," noted Richard Dobransky, President of Morrissey Hospitality. 

"Our family has immense gratitude for all that have provided 'authentic hospitality' and gathered around the tables at Pazzaluna," said Elizabeth Brown, co-owner of Morrissey Hospitality. "Together with my family and siblings – Arthur and Chris Morrissey, we thank our people, who are our family, and our guests for your loyalty and support for the past 21 years. We realize the Pazzaluna community is beyond its four walls, and we look forward to that bright day when we can serve you once more."

Pazzaluna gift cards will be accepted at any Morrissey Hospitality restaurant or can be refunded by sending an email to