Paisley Park to offer new exhibit on tours when it reopens

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Paisley Park remains closed because of the pandemic, but they're still working on ways to connect with fans.

Staff offered a tour of Prince's home online, Friday, and details on future exhibit plans.

"We're going to do our best to try to find ways to reach out to you," said Mitch Maguire, Paisley Park Legacy Preservationist.

Maguire led fans on the Facebook tour.

"Prince once said, 'We're going to keep this thing going,'" Maguire said.

The tour showcased the doves, something you wouldn't get a chance to see as close on a regular tour.

"There will always be doves at Paisley Park and that's really done out of respect and memory of Prince, and we knew these doves meant a lot to him," Maguire said.

Plus, the tour offered a look at some of his shoes, even a pair worn by Prince during the 1985 Academy Awards when he took home the Oscar for Original Song Score with 'Purple Rain.'

"They obviously made a lot of shoes for Prince and you can tell by the level of detail that it took a long time to create these shoes," Maguire said.

Once in-person tours resume, Maguire announced they will open an exhibit featuring 300 to 400 of Prince's shoes, which, as it turns out, is only a small portion of his collection.

"Never before have so many of Prince's shoes been on display in one room at one time," Maguire said.

As for when Paisley Park might reopen its doors, Maguire admits they don't know. But, they promised to work on ways to further connect with the purple army from a distance.

"We've got a lot of fun things in store for you in the future, even if in this moment it may seem a little bleak, just stick with it," Maguire said.