Oregon man on his way to DC arrested in Minnesota for allegedly threatening President Trump

An Oregon man was arrested in Minnesota while on his way to Washington, D.C., for allegedly making threats against President Donald Trump.

According to a criminal complaint, 30-year-old Nicholas Daniel Bylotas was taken into custody in Sherburne County while going "directly to see the president."

Federal authorities were first notified by local officials in Oregon about Bylotas after he posted threatening messages against the president on Facebook in January. The complaint notes Bylotas also had made threats against the CEO of Intel, where he was employed, and the pope.

He also allegedly posted to Facebook, "2nd law of Bylotas the Tyrant: The President shall be homeless until the homeless are no longer homeless. If you will please, Daffy … (KABOOM!!! White House off the face of the earth.)" Bylotas also allegedly posted several other threatening messages against Trump.

The complaint states officials made contact with Bylotas at the end of January and he agreed to seek mental health assistance. It notes that officers later talked with him and he was cooperative while admitting to making the threatening posts. The next month, Bylotas was released from the hospital "in an improved condition" as he didn't "currently meet commitment criteria."

On April 24, local authorities in Oregon again notified federal officials about Bylotas making threats against the president on Facebook a couple days earlier.

Among the several threatening posts, Bylotas allegedly wrote, "This is not a loving relationship where I will be picking you up into my arms like your papa, Trump. I am going to stomp your baby skull against the sidewalk," and, "The moment I saw Trump, I knew I was going to destroy him. I hate evil, and weaklings like him stand no chance."

The complaint states a former co-worker also contacted authorities and was concerned about Bylotas after he was let go from his job and had eluded to killing President Trump.

That same day, authorities saw posts from Bylotas' Twitter account with pictures that appeared to indicate he was traveling east.

An agent called Bylotas, who answered and refused to say where he was, only saying he was going "directly to see the president." The complaint states he also demanded the agent never call him again "or your soul will be tormented for the rest of your life." Family members confirmed Bylotas' cellphone number and his Facebook and Twitter accounts for the agent.

The complaint states he was taken into custody by authorities in Minnesota on April 28 as he traveled east.

He's being held in Sherburne County Jail on a federal charge of making threats against the president.