Omar reelected to 5th Congressional District

Minnesotans in the state’s 5th Congressional District will continue to be represented by Ilhan Omar.

Tuesday, 74.33% of the voters in the district chose Omar, while 24.53% of voters chose her republican challenger, Cicely Davis. Another 1.14% of voters decided to write in a candidate, according to the Secretary of State website.

Ilhan was first elected to the U.S. House in 2018.

As of Wednesday morning, all precincts were reporting in the 5th Congressional District election.

Omar issued the following statement regarding her win:

“Thank you so much. I always say in Minnesota we don’t just welcome refugees, we send them back to Congress. As a little girl, huddled in a refugee camp, displaced from a civil war that tore my birth country of Somalia apart, I just wanted to make it out alive. The United States of America felt like a dream, something that I imagined in my twilight hours, not a reality I would ever be able to experience firsthand. To me, my very presence on this earth and in our beautiful state is more than I ever expected. So standing here today, having the privilege of serving in the United States Congress representing the community that welcomed me with open arms as a little girl, is truly beyond my wildest dreams.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for putting your faith in me, for standing with me through one of the most difficult times for our community and our country. We have survived a wannabe fascist president, a once in a lifetime pandemic that took so many of our family members, the murder of George Floyd in our city and the uprising that followed. So I know we’re gonna survive whatever they throw at us over the next two years.

But this seat has never been for me. It is for the working mom who struggles with $20,000 worth of student debt and now has a chance to see that debt wiped out thanks to our advocacy and President Biden’s plan. It is for the kid in North Minneapolis who suffers from asthma, and desperately needs a Congress who will fight against the ravages of pollution and climate change. It is for the senior in Fridley who was struggling to pay the bills during the pandemic helped through investments and direct checks in the American Rescue Plan. And it is for the thousands upon thousands of people in the 5th District who feel minimized, sidelined or silenced by politics as usual. This seat is for everybody in my district, regardless of who they love, how they pray, the color of their skin, or even how they vote, and I will continue to fight for all of you.

I also want to say how incredibly proud of my staff and the campaign we have run to help DFLers up and down the ballot in Minnesota. Our team has made well over 500 thousand outreach attempts over the last 6 months. We’ve knocked on over 60 thousand doors, made over 80 thousand phone calls, and with the help of over one thousand individual volunteers, had over 30 thousand conversations with voters in Minnesota’s 5th District through traditional and relational organizing methods. We have knocked every door around the University of Minnesota, and have focused heavily on educating and turning out young and working-class people who may not usually vote in a midterm cycle.

We’ve also contributed over 400 thousand dollars to the Minnesota DFL to help fund things like GOTV and outreach across the state. Nationally, our PAC has contributed nearly $40,000 to candidates and PACs.

Regardless of the outcomes in other races tonight, I know one thing: we win when we lean into our core values as a party: standing up for working and middle-class Americans and taking on corporate greed. We win when we call out the radical authoritarian Republican Party’s continued efforts to attack our democracy and concentrate power in the hands of billionaires and the corporate elite.

Let’s lean into, not shy away from those values. Nothing less than the fate of our democracy depends on it.

Thank you!”

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar