Officials: Cleanup of train derailment in Plymouth continues, temporary road being built

Authorities are continuing work to clean the site of a train derailment in Plymouth.

A total of 22 Canadian Pacific train cars derailed Sunday afternoon. The city said Monday morning that it was working with Canadian Pacific and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to build a temporary road north of the tracks at Northwest Boulevard to remove the train cars, rebuild the tracks and restore the wetland areas.

No injuries reported after train derailment in Plymouth

The city added that a crack in one train car was discovered but no leakage was detected. The crack was patched and welded shut. The cars contained molten sulfur, asphalt and lumber.

The railway company is continuing to monitor air, water and soil quality around the site, the city said.

All residents are encouraged to still stay away from the site while the cleanup continues.

No injuries were reported in the derailment.