New report shows enrollment up nearly 20% at construction trade schools

Trade schools report rising enrollment numbers

A new report shows an increase in enrollment at trade and technical schools, and fewer students are going to traditional four-year colleges.

A new report from The National Student Clearinghouse shows an increase in enrollment in technical and trade schools.

From 2021 to 2022, enrollment in construction trades grew by 19%. Meanwhile, four-year universities saw a nearly 4% drop in enrollment in the same time period.

The National Student Clearinghouse’s report said public two-year colleges saw an 8% decrease in enrollment from 2021 to 2022.

As of spring 2022, enrollment in college for adults over 24 had fallen by almost 6%, with half of the decrease seen at community colleges, according to the report.

Additionally, since the beginning of the pandemic, community colleges have seen a 20% drop in student enrollment in the traditional age group (18-24) and a 16% drop in adult students.

Experts say businesses are also tapping into the demand- Summit Academy Trade School is partnering with companies to train students in manufacturing that leads to direct job placement.

Read the full report from The National Student Clearinghouse below.