New public charter school to open in Ramsey County in 2022

The School of Leadership for Public Service, a new public charter school centered on education for careers in public service, is expected to open in Ramsey County next year.

Ramsey County community leaders announced the launch of the public service-driven school on Wednesday.

Families with children who will be in grades 6-10 during the 2022-2023 school year will be the first able to enroll. For more information on enrollment, click here or call Donna Swanson, the school’s start-up coordinator, at 651-492-5487.

The school is led by a nine-member board of directors, along with support from a five-member advisory board, which includes Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher.

"We all know this is a critical time in our communities," Fletcher said in a statement. "From a public safety perspective, the actions we take now must make a positive long-term difference. This school ensures that at an early age young people in our neighborhoods develop connections with public servants. It’s essential for safety and overall community well-being that youth have personal experiences with the people, careers and opportunities in public service."