New Meet Minneapolis campaign hopes to draw people back into city

In a new ad campaign video, Meet Minneapolis is poking fun at the notion that the city is a “ghost town” and “overrun.”

The “See What All the Fuss is About” tourism campaign kicked off on Monday. The campaign aims to bring more visitors to Minneapolis by addressing misperceptions, reclaiming the city’s narrative, and bringing customers to local businesses, according to a press release from Meet Minneapolis.

“Negative perceptions have overshadowed the positive experience visitors can enjoy in Minneapolis,” said a spokesperson with Meet Minneapolis.

With a nearly $500,000 budget, the revitalization campaign includes digital, broadcast, and print advertising, billboards along highways, and a dedicated web and social media presence.

Meet Minneapolis plays on words in the new billboards, calling the city “desserted” in an effort to encourage people to visit Patisserie 46, a staple Minneapolis bakery.

“Minneapolis is a world-class destination at the forefront of creating change. People from all over the world have put down roots in Minneapolis, contributing to an active, dynamic, and diverse culture that has something for everyone,” said Courtney S. Ries, SVP of Destination Branding and Strategy at Meet Minneapolis.

Meet Minneapolis is an organization that works to make Minneapolis the destination of choice for visitors or Minnesotan’s next event or vacation.

Visit Meet Minneapolis’ website for more information.