New drought report shows slight improvement in Minnesota

A report released Thursday by the U.S. Drought Monitor shows a slight improvement in conditions across Minnesota and continues to show no drought conditions in Wisconsin.

According to the report, the Twin Cities has no drought conditions while the western part of the state is experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

The drought report says 36% of the state is experiencing abnormally dry conditions, primarily in the southwestern and northwestern areas of the state. The worst of the drought conditions are in southwest Minnesota, with all 2.7% of the state’s moderate drought conditions existing in the region.

Just months ago, Minnesota still had nearly 4.9% of the state experiencing extreme drought conditions, according to the Drought Monitor.

With more rain expected this coming weekend, Minnesota’s drought conditions are expected to continue to improve. For the latest weather forecast, CLICK HERE.

Nearly a year ago, 9% of Wisconsin was suffering from a severe drought, and more than 88.3% of the state had abnormally dry conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.