MPS working to enhance security following recent encryption event

In an update Thursday, Minneapolis Public Schools said it is “working to further enhance the security of MPS systems by reviewing our policies and procedures” after personal data was accessed during an “encryption event” last month.

IT specialists have also been investigating the scope of the event and are continuing to monitor MPS systems, the district said.

MPS also shared that individuals whose personal information was accessed in the encryption event will be contacted directly by the district and provided with free credit monitoring and identity protection services.

As previously reported, the data that was accessed when the district was hit by the encryption virus was posted online.

When the district first learned of the encryption event, it canceled parent-teacher conferences, citing “technical difficulties.” At that point, the district only said it was working with third-party specialists, and no data was lost.

Later that week, the district confirmed it was dealing with an encryption event but still maintained that no personal information had been compromised.

Then, last week, the district sounded the alarm about the “threat actors” possibly contacting others about a ransom and the need for families to watch their personal accounts closely.

“We want to caution you again about receiving, interacting with, or responding to any suspicious emails or phone calls from someone you do not know related to this event. Be aware of possible phishing events and other potential scams,” the district said in an email. “If you receive any of these threats or suspicious messages, report it to”