More than 20K Minnesotans cited for speeding in July, over 60 for going at least 100 mph

Thousands of speeding citations were handed out across the state just last month alone.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) says 20,657 speeding citations were issued in Minnesota from July 1 through 31.

Of those, at least 66 were going more than 100 mph at the time they were pulled over — including someone going 152 mph in Eden Prairie — and dozens more were going at least 20 mph over the speed limit.

The dangerous speeds were highlighted as part of the state’s monthlong speed enforcement and awareness campaign, in which 291 law enforcement agencies across Minnesota participated.

DPS says speed is believed to have played a role in 63 deaths in Minnesota so far this year. Last year, 129 people in Minnesota died in speed-related crashes.

The agency notes that speeding can take someone’s life or seriously alter it, but even if it doesn’t result in a crash, it can be costly financially. Speeding citation costs vary by county but typically cost more than $110 with court fees for going 10 mph over the limit, with fines doubled for going at least 20 mph over and increased insurance costs. Going more than 100 mph can cost drivers their license for six months.