MnDOT to grant over $12M to Greater Minnesota communities for transportation projects

Communities and schools in Greater Minnesota can now apply for funding from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) for local projects that enhance transportation goals.

The federal Transportation Alternatives program is supplying $12.5 million through a competitive grant program for agencies to fund pedestrian and bike facilities, historic preservation, Safe Routes to School, and more. According to MnDOT, the projects selected for the Alternatives program must be implemented in 2028.

Applicants must first submit a letter of intent – which can be filled out by CLICKING HERE – by Nov. 3, then a regional representative will work with the applicant to review their proposal before the applicant submits a full grant application before Jan. 12.

Each region in Minnesota has a sub-targeted fund that allocates a certain amount of money for transportation projects in that area, according to a representative for MnDOT.

Grant recipients will be announced by MnDOT on April 15. For more information on the grant program, CLICK HERE.