Minnesota Zoo welcomes 2 young sea otters from Alaska

The Minnesota Zoo has welcomed two orphaned sea otter pups from Alaska.

Denali and Nuka are in Minnesota after being rescued just days apart by workers with the Alaska SeaLife Center, according to a news release from the Minnesota Zoo.

Denali, the older of the two pups, was found on land over five miles up a river and away from the ocean. Meanwhile, staff at the Alaska SeaLife Center rescued Nuka after witnessing her survive an orca attack.

The two pups are receiving 24/7 care at the Minnesota Zoo and officials say they have a long health journey that will require close monitoring and extensive care.

Minnesota Zoo officials don’t yet have a set date for when the pups can be viewed by the public, but a spokesperson said it could be as soon as this winter.

Denali, the older of the two pups, was found on land.
Nuka, the youngest pup, was rescued after surviving an orca attack.