Minnesota Supreme Court to hear case on restoring voting rights for convicted felons after incarceration

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hear a case regarding a dispute over the restoration of voting rights for people with felonies on their records.

The high court agreed to hear a constitutional challenge to state law on Tuesday. Minnesota is among 15 other states that require individuals convicted with felony records to serve their time and complete any parole, probation or supervised released before they are allowed to vote again.

Only three areas in the United States — the District of Columbia, Maine and Vermont — never have those with felonies lose their right to vote, even while incarcerated.

The result could affect thousands of people who aren’t behind bars but can’t vote.

Minnesota Democrats unveiled a bill in the State Legislature at the beginning of the year that included restoring the right to vote for convicted felons after being released from prison. The bill has stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Dates have not yet been scheduled for oral arguments.

To see the full document by the Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday, click here, or see below.