State Sen. Nelson recovering after open heart surgery

A Minnesota state senator is recovering after a planned open heart surgery, legislative officials say.

Sen. Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) had surgery at St. Marys at Mayo Clinic last Thursday morning, June 22, to treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), according to a Minnesota Senate Republican spokesperson.

Officials say the surgery was finished without any complications and Nelson is expected to make a full recovery after six to eight weeks of rest and physical therapy.

Nelson also released a statement on her surgery, thanking her medical team and noting she wouldn’t make it to in-district events during her recovery. She also urged Minnesotans to monitor their heart health.

“If you are not a medical professional, it is unlikely you have heard of HCM before. I sure hadn’t,” Nelson said. “It is quite common – about 1 in 500 people have HCM, but a large percentage of those are undiagnosed. Figuring out if you are at risk as early as possible is critical to avoid potential complications.”

The senator says she plans to still monitor things from home as she recovers and hopes to return to her normal schedule around mid-August.