Minnesota State Fair 2023 commemorative art unveiled

Tuesday evening the special commemorative art piece for the 2023 Minnesota State Fair was unveiled.

Minnesota State Fair 2023 Commemorative Art by Crop Artist Liz Schreiber. (Minnesota State Fair, 2023)

The crop art piece, created by artist Liz Schreiber, is made from 29 types of seeds, according to a press release from the fair. All but one were Minnesota-grown seeds. The seed not from the state was gifted to Schreiber by her friend’s mother who had specially saved the seeds for her.

Crop pieces entered into the Minnesota State Fair are required to only used seeds from Minnesota, a competition that Schreiber is no stranger to. She has entered the crop art competition at the fair every year since 2004, winning 26 ribbons including seven blue ribbons and one reserve champion.

Schreiber says she spent about 300 hours making the crop art, working on the piece daily for six weeks.

This is the first year the commemorative artwork was a crop art piece. Other mediums have included watercolor, photography and screen printing.

This original crop art commemorative art piece will be on display for fairgoers to view at the Fine Arts Center during the duration of the 2023 state fair.

A poster of the commemorative artwork and signed printed are available for purchase online with proceeds going to the Minnesota State Fair Foundation.