Local politicians denounce DSA statement on war in the Mideast

Several Minnesota political leaders are denouncing a statement of solidarity with Palestine issued by the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) on Monday.

The statement alleged that Israeli settlers use colonial and apartheid laws of the Israeli state to force Palestinians from their homes and ended by saying, “We are resolved to proclaim ‘From the River, to the Sea, Palestine will be free!'”

The DSA issued the statement after Hamas militants stormed from the blockaded Gaza Strip into nearby Israeli towns, killing dozens and abducting others in a surprise attack on Saturday. Israel responded by increasing airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and sealing it off from food, fuel, and other supplies on Monday.

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The DSA statement added, “Just as Palestinians took to the streets after George Floyd was murdered, we are resolved to show the same solidarity in defense of Palestinian liberation. We are resolved to build our capacity as a chapter to take our fight to city halls, to the state capitol, and to the halls of national power in the USA — to end all US financial support for the Israeli settler apartheid regime.”

House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth (R-Cold Spring) said, “The statement made by the Twin Cities DSA and rallies being held across the country by DSA chapters are unconscionable. This is a time where all Minnesotans should be coming together to denounce the horrific terrorist attacks and offer our prayers and support for the Israeli people, including the 11 American citizens who lost their lives. I urge those elected officials endorsed by the Twin Cities DSA to speak out against this ignorance and make clear that these extreme views won’t be tolerated.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a response to the DSA on Tuesday morning, saying “Appalling. This is erasure of innocent Israelis that have been murdered, and of the genocide carried out against Jews for millennia. Critique of the policies of Israel’s ruling coalition is fair game, but to do so while ignoring the atrocities committed against Jews, days ago and historically, will only let history repeat itself.”

Frey is Minneapolis’ second Jewish mayor.

Ken Martin, the chair of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party in Minnesota, responded to the DSA’s statement on X (formally known as Twitter), saying “‘From the river to the sea’ is a chant used by extremists to support the destruction of Israel. It is appalling to embrace this rhetoric in this statement, which also doesn’t even acknowledge the slaughter of Israeli & American civilians. This is disgusting.”

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has reached out to DSA for comment on the backlash and will update this story if a statement is received.


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