Minnesota National Guard team to help fight wildfires in Louisiana

A team of Minnesota National Guard service members will soon head to Louisiana to help the state battle ongoing wildfires.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced Friday that he authorized the National Guard to provide emergency support to Louisiana.

According to the governor’s office, a team of 10 to 12 service members and two UH60 Blackhawk helicopters are scheduled to leave for Louisiana on Tuesday to support aerial operations in battling wildfires.

The move comes after a request from Louisiana’s governor, Walz’s office says.

“Minnesotans don’t stand by when there’s a call for help. Thank you to the members of the Minnesota National Guard for answering the call to help battle the wildfires raging through Louisiana,” Walz said. “We’re committed to helping these communities in need and assisting our partners in Louisiana get these wildfires under control.”

Back in July, the state sent more than a dozen firefighters to help battle blazes in Manitoba.