Minnesota National Guard swears in first Rabbi

The Minnesota National Guard swore in its first-ever rabbi on Saturday, Lt. Col. Kristen Augé says.

Rabbi Frederick Kamil, who is from Detroit, moved to Minnesota last year.

“I have always wanted to join the military,” Kamil said. “To serve those who serve, that’s how I want to be a Rabbi.”

Kamil now joins the Minnesota National Guard’s chaplain section, which comprises just under 30 chaplains from 20 denominations.

The Minnesota branch says its chaplains are responsible for “tending to the spiritual well-being of service members and their families, overseeing religious ministries, counseling sessions, and more.”

The Minnesota National Guard’s State Chaplain, Army Col. Buddy Winn, says the guard and its ministry place a high value on religious freedom, and the addition of Kamil increases the capacity to work with a diverse audience.