Minnesota man sentenced to 33 months for assaulting woman in 2022

A Red Lake man was sentenced to just under three years (33 months) in prison for assaulting a woman in 2022, according to United States Attorney Andrew M. Luger.

Twenty-year-old Devin Anthony Sumner will serve 33 months in prison, followed by two years of supervised release for assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

Court documents show Sumner and the victim had been involved in a relationship prior to the assault.

On March 10, 2022, Sumner got mad at the victim and assaulted her by slapping and punching her while in a car, officials say.

During the assault, Sumner took a 12-gauge G-Force Arms shotgun and hit the victim on the hands and body with it. The victim suffered serious injuries that put her in the hospital, including a broken hand, multiple cuts and bruises.

In February 2023, Sumner pleaded guilty to one count of assault resulting in serious bodily injury. During the sentencing, Chief Judge Patrick J. Schiltz emphasized the need to deter the “epidemic of violence against Native American women, both on and off the reservation.”