Minnesota man arrested, charged for actions during Jan. 6 riot after FBI gets tip from high school classmate

A Minnesota man is charged with crimes related to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, after a former high school classmate contacted law enforcement.

Martin James Cudo, of Lakeville, is charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, disorderly conduct in a capitol building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building or grounds and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a capitol building.

Court documents say Cudo’s presence was reported the day after the riot by a former classmate who showed FBI agents a selfie that Cudo took while inside the U.S. Capitol building.

The criminal complaint states FBI agents then spoke to Cudo in Apple Valley the following week. Cudo reportedly admitted to being the person in the photo and that he traveled to Washington, D.C. with his mother and stepfather to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally held on Jan. 6.

Cudo also reportedly said during the interview that he walked with a crowd toward the Capitol building after separating from his mother and stepfather. He acknowledged the presence of barricades near the Capitol, but said that police “moved out of the way” as the crowd advanced past the barricades.

Footage from Jan. 6 shows Cudo climbing up flights of stairs and scaffolding on his way to the Capitol building and entering through a fire door near the Parliamentarian’s office that another rioter opened. The complaint states Cudo entered around 2:45 p.m. when other rioters waived him in.

Shortly after that, Cudo acknowledged to FBI agents during the interview that he took a selfie inside the Brumidi Corridor. His movement was then tracked through multiple rooms and offices inside the building.

A photo in the criminal complaint shows Cudo inside the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The complaint states Cudo entered the Parliamentarian’s office and was inside for about a minute before police told him and other rioters to leave while officers cleared the room.

Footage then shows Cudo stepping out of the Capitol around 2:54 p.m.

Cudo then stuck with a crowd that walked along the Capitol’s West until a line of police officers in riot gear “removed him and other rioters” according to the complaint. Cudo reportedly admitted to making comments toward police but denied becoming physical with them.

A photo in the criminal complaint shows Cudo near riot police on Jan. 6.

The complaint then states that Cudo was seen in footage that depicted “hectic scenes where police deployed what appear to be ‘flash bangs’ to disperse the crowd.”

Police then forced crowds away from the Capitol Grounds and Cudo told the FBI he left around 5 p.m. and returned to his hotel room. The complaint states Cudo told agents he “realized the trouble he may be in” after he returned to his room.

Cudo is the 14th person from Minnesota to be charged for actions related to the riot on Jan. 6.

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