Minnesota Ice Festival canceled due to warm winter weather

2024 Minnesota Ice Festival canceled

2024 Minnesota Ice Festival canceled

The 2024 Minnesota Ice Festival has been canceled amid warm winter temperatures.

A spokesperson for the event said organizers made the decision Wednesday morning to stop construction as temperatures are predicted to remain above average for the foreseeable future. CLICK HERE to see the latest forecast from Minnesota’s Weather Authority.

“We were really looking forward to celebrating the beautiful Minnesota winter with everyone, but the weather hasn’t cooperated, and we won’t be able to deliver the experience we had hoped for,” Minnesota Ice CEO Robbie Harrell said. “There are safety concerns we have to take into account when building structures with ice and snow, and ensuring the safety of these structures is our top priority. As the weather warms, it’s important for anyone attending events featuring large ice or snow structures to exercise extreme caution. Warmer temperatures can affect the stability of these structures, potentially making them hazardous.”

The ice for the festival has already been delivered to Viking Lakes in Eagan, although it is under insulation to protect it from melting until it can be used in a public celebration later in the winter.

People who have already purchased tickets to the Minnesota Ice Festival will receive an automatic refund.