Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board votes to extend parkway closures through June

In an effort to promote increased distance among those using popular paths, parkway closures in Minneapolis have been extended.

At its meeting Wednesday, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) voted to keep the closures in place at least until the end of June. 

Sections of eight parkways or park roads, totaling 21 lane miles, will remain closed, according to the MPRB. As of Thursday, sections of four parkways—Bde Maka Ska, Cedar, Nokomis and West River—transitioned from single-lane to full closures in areas with little, or no, effect on residential access.

Maps of the closures can be viewed here.

The newly-approved resolution also gives the MPRB superintendent the ability to spend up to $250,000 on the series of parkway closures.

"We recognize the important role parks play during this national health crisis and we will continue to look at ways to provide safe, close-to-home outdoor spaces throughout the city, for all Minneapolis residents," MPRB Superintendent Al Bangoura said in a statement.

Additionally, the board is working on a more precise timeframe for how long the $250,000 limit for parkway closures will last, as well as identifying other funding sources in case the closures need to be extended past June.

The MPRB implemented the path and road closures to promote social distancing in the midst of the 'stay at home' order.

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board announces parkway, path closures to promote social distancing

Parkways were previously scheduled to reopen to vehicles at the end of the former 'stay at home' order deadline, May 4.