Minneapolis council members to introduce charter amendment to allow voters to decide public safety structure

A few Minneapolis City Council members are set to introduce a city charter amendment that would allow voters to determine the structure of the public safety system in the city.

Council member Jeremy Schroeder (Ward 11) said he and council members Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4) and Steve Fletcher (Ward 3) will make the initial procedural move at Friday’s meeting.

The group will bring forward finalized language for the proposed amendment at the council’s next regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 29.

"Allowing Minneapolis residents to vote on a charter amendment this year would honor our democratic process and give policymakers a clear direction to move forward," Schroeder said in a statement posted on Twitter, Thursday night. "We have heard loud and clear from community members that they want to weigh in on the future of public safety in Minneapolis. There is no more direct or transparent way for the people of our city to participate than in an election."

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