Minneapolis cougar hit and killed on I-394 to be taxidermized, featured in educational display

The cougar that was spotted several times in Minneapolis earlier this month will be taxidermized and featured in an educational display, according to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

The cougar was spotted on surveillance footage and left footprints in the snow in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis from Dec. 4-6.

Courtesy of Rick and Kristi of Minneapolis

The cougar was hit and killed by a vehicle on I-394 on Dec. 6.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is working with the Park and Recreation Board to send the cougar’s remains to a taxidermist. The cougar will be mounted as part of an educational display, which will be viewable at program facilities, the Board said.

“Many of us were captivated by the prospect of such a majestic animal living among us and were saddened to hear how it met its end,” said MPRB Superintendent Al Bangoura. “Now, there is an opportunity to give the story a happier ending. I’m appreciative of the DNR and community members coming together to help educate future generations on the wonderful variety of wildlife that can be found in our city.”

A tag on the cougar’s ear revealed that he had walked to Minneapolis from northwest Nebraska. He was around two years old.

If you’d like to support the display, you can write a check payable to “Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board” with “Mountain Lion” in the memo line. Mountain lions and cougars are two names for the same animal.

The check can be sent to:

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Attn: Customer Service – Mountain Lion
2117 West River Road North
Minneapolis, MN 55411

To donate with a card, call the Park and Recreation Board’s customer service line at 612-230-6400.