Minneapolis City Council advances measure to continue partnership between Minnesota State Patrol and MPD

The Minneapolis City Council is moving forward with an increase in funding for the city’s partnership with the Minnesota State Patrol.

The State Patrol currently offers law enforcement officials and public safety aid to the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for over $750,000.

The expansion wouldn’t change any services but would increase that total funding up to $1.3 million, officials say.

The decision came as MPD struggles to maintain staffing; city payroll records from 2020 to last year show a loss of over 270 officers while only gaining 117 new recruits.

In an interview with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS last month, MPD Chief Brian O’Hara called the situation “unsustainable.”

The council’s Public Health and Safety Committee advanced the measure Wednesday. It is now scheduled to go before the council next Thursday.