Minneapolis City Council committee approves occupancy ordinance

Tuesday, the Minneapolis Council Business, Inspections, Housing and Zoning Committee approved a provision that would remove language from the city’s Housing Code regarding occupancy requirements.

Currently, the city’s Housing Code limits occupancy by restricting dwellings "to one family that must be related by blood, marriage or domestic partnership."

The proposed ordinance would redefine a family as "an individual or two (2) or more persons intending upon residing and living together as a single household and housekeeping unit in a dwelling unit for thirty (30) days or more and not for short-term, tourist or transient uses.

In 2019, the City Council removed occupancy regulations that were in the city’s Zoning Code. Prior to its removal, Minneapolis was one of the few cities that had restrictions on occupancy in both its Zoning Code and Housing Code.

Council President Lisa Binder says the amendment the council committee passed today will make the city’s Housing Code more inclusive.

"Limiting occupancy based on the relationship status makes it difficult for some Minneapolis residents to find housing and isn’t inclusive to the many household types that live together," Council President Bender said, "This amendment will make our Housing Code more inclusive and resilient, simplify the regulations that prevent overcrowding and provide more opportunities for individuals who are not related to share the same home."