Mental health workers at M Health Fairview, Allina vote to authorize a 1-day strike

Mental health workers at two large health care companies in Minnesota have voted to go on strike.

Monday, workers at M Health Fairview and Allina Health announced, that as a result of their vote, they are holding a one-day strike on May 24.

The group includes more than 400 workers at M Health Fairview who work as pysch associates, senior psych associates and behavioral assistants and who work as senior mental health coordinators at Allina Abbott Northwestern and Unity Hospitals.

M Health Fairview offered the following statement:

“We share the desire for our psych associates, senior psych associates, and behavioral assistants to work in an environment where they feel valued and supported. We have negotiated in good faith with the union for the last 5 months to align on a contract that supports our employees and provides us with the flexibility we need to provide top-quality care to our patients. While we have made progress, concerns remain. The union has proposed limitations to how we care for our patients that we cannot agree to. While we look forward a contract that provides fair wages, we have not yet received a wage proposal from SEIU. In their proposed contract, they are proposing actions that violate our standards of care, and a patient’s privacy rights. These are items we cannot agree to.

“Health care organizations across the country are in the middle of a dual staffing and mental health crisis. Their work is crucial now more than ever, and it’s imperative that all parties work together to provide upstream solutions. Hospitals across the country are facing levels of demand for mental health care never before seen. We will continue to bargain in good faith with our colleagues to settle on a contract all parties believe is equal and fair.”

M Health Fairview

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has also reached out for response from Allina Health but has not yet heard back.