Memorial of Sawyer County deputy set on fire, man arrested

A Ladysmith man has been arrested after a memorial for a Sawyer County deputy was set on fire last week.

According to the Sawyer County Sheriff's Office, the memorial for Deputy Michael Villiard was set on fire on June 2.

During an investigation into a domestic abuse incident in Rusk County, Ladysmith police received information regarding a possible suspect in the memorial fire.

The sheriff's office said that information indicated Jason V. Desecki, 38, intentionally set the fire and was possibly in Sawyer County.

Sawyer County deputies on Tuesday found Desecki in a home on John Erickson Avenue in Bass Lake. He was arrested and charged with arson in addition to other charges in the domestic abuse case.

The sheriff's office said there are plans to take the memorial down to restore it to its original condition.