Maurices cutting corporate staff positions by 10%

A major clothing retail chain based in Duluth has announced it is cutting corporate staff positions by 10%.

On Feb. 1, Maurices reported changes to how it will develop products, which will see strategic vendors complete portions of the design and technical design work.

According to a statement from the company, the decision impacts 14 associates in Duluth and 29 employees working remotely throughout the U.S. or in the Brooklyn, N.Y. design office.

“We believe in this proven model, which is very similar to how we’ve built assortments in the past. We have strong relationships with strategic sourcing vendors who will regularly be in Duluth to work alongside our product teams co-creating assortments,” said Maurices Chief Administrative Officer Sue Ross. “Unfortunately, the result of the restructuring impacted approximately 10% of our corporate office positions, which includes associates based in Duluth, Brooklyn or working remotely. These are difficult decisions and all associates impacted have been offered a severance package including salary, benefits, and outplacement.”

“The layoffs were handled with as much humanity as possible,” Ross added. “Maurices is a proven retailer with 93 years of history, but we are not immune to the pressure and challenges gripping so many industries today. Reducing our teams is painful, but ultimately this decision is about preserving the long-term sustainability of our organization.”