Massive sinkhole opens up on Girard Avenue in south Minneapolis

Sinkhole Opens Up in Uptown

Sinkhole Opens Up in Uptown

It’s no secret that city streets are in terrible condition right now, but a sinkhole in Minneapolis’ Uptown area is taking the problem to another level.

People gawked at a pit that had consumed a section of the intersection of Girard Avenue South and 27th Street West on Sunday.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS talked with a neighbor, Basheer Khan, who said the collapse happened right before his eyes as he was leaving to get lunch.

“I was just coming out of the apartment — I was gonna get Chipotle down the street — and I was walking down, it just collapsed right there,” Khan said.

A driver was coming down the street when the street caved in, but the car had enough distance to stop before landing in the hole, Khan said.

Minneapolis spokeswoman Sarah McKenzie told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the Public Works Department will be out to assess the damage Monday morning and hatch a plan for repairing the hole.

Monday afternoon, Curtis Stallings, the city’s general foreman of sewer construction, said the sinkhole was caused by a 15-inch clay sanitary main that collapsed.  He said the age of the pipe, combined with the weather may have contributed.

“The age of it, a lot of these mains in Minneapolis are pretty old. I believe this one is from 1903, so that’s a long time,“ Stallings said. 

Stallings said repairs will take more than a week, and the intersection will remain closed during that time.  According to a city spokesperson, a ballpark estimate for repairs is around $25,000.