Man who pleaded guilty in Feeding Our Future fraud scheme allowed to go to Kenya

A Brooklyn Park man who pleaded guilty earlier this year in connection to the $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud scheme is being allowed to travel to Kenya ahead of his sentencing.

U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Brasel signed off Wednesday on allowing Liban Yasin Alishire to travel to Kenya for up to 30 days “to assist in the sale of his Kenyan properties to elicit the maximum value,” court documents state.

That order was despite objections from prosecutors, who argued that there aren’t any conditions ensuring Alishire’s return to the U.S. for sentencing and he has motive to flee.

Court records show that, as part of his plea deal, Alishire agreed to forfeit a boat and trailer, a Ford F150 pickup truck, an apartment in Kenya and the Karibu Palms Resort in Kenya, and pay $712,000 in forfeiture payments.

The judge’s order says Alishire’s return will help with paying those forfeiture obligations and his passport has to be returned within 24 hours of his return to Minnesota.

While he’ll have to provide full details of his trip to his probation officer beforehand, he won’t be under any supervision during his travel.