Man pleads guilty to tire iron attack against man who confronted him for parking in handicap spot

A man who illegally parked in a handicap parking spot pleaded guilty to beating a man who confronted him for it with a tire iron.

Stephen Todey, 28, pleaded guilty on Monday to second and third-degree assault for an attack that happened in January 2020.

Court documents show it happened at a Walgreens in Brooklyn Center.

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The victim said he was with his girlfirend, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, when they went to the pharmacy.

The victim then saw Todey’s vehicle parked in the handicap spot without a handicap sticker.

Court documents say when Todey and the victim started arguing, Todey then got a tire iron from his vehicle and struck the other man with it.

The criminal complaint states Todey then “assumed a boxing stance and began striking the victim with a closed fist multiple times.” The victim then fell to the ground, and Todey “proceeded to kick and stomp” him.

Police say video surveillance footage corroborated the victim’s account of the incident.

Todey was found later that evening after police located his vehicle.

The criminal complaint says Todey was “extremely intoxicated when he was arrested” and that he was wearing pants and shoes that matched what the suspect in the security footage was wearing.

The victim suffered a nasal bone fracture and a traumatic brain injury that caused him to lose consciousness and multiple contusions along with other minor injuries.

His sentencing date is set for Oct. 25.