Man injured by rubber bullet during 2020 protest suing city, MPD; aims to receive at least $1.5M

A man who was hit by a rubber bullet during protests following the death of George Floyd is suing the City of Minneapolis, its police department, six officers and two “supervisors” for – at least – $1.5 million.

On Nov. 22, Abdi Adam filed the lawsuit for alleged violations of his First, Fourth, and 14th Amendment rights. The lawsuit alleges on the evening of May 27th, 2020, an MPD officer fired a rubber bullet from the roof of the 3rd Precinct that hit Adam in the forehead.

At the time of the incident, documents say Adam was near Minnehaha Avenue and Lake Street trying to catch the bus home when a group of people protesting the death of Floyd gathered and blocked the bus service, according to court documents. The lawsuit emphasized that Adam was not participating in the protest but was a neighborhood resident trying to get home.

The lawsuit goes on to say Adam has suffered neurological issues and vision problems in his right eye as well as a concussion, pain and suffering, medical bills, and “lasting” emotional trauma as a result of the incident.

A photo included in the criminal complaint shows Abdi Adam covering his head following the incident.

Adam – who is being represented by the Applebaum Law Firm and Andrew Irlbeck Lawyer Chartered – also has an obvious permanent scar and a dent on his head, the lawsuit added.

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The City of Minneapolis filed a response to the lawsuit on Wednesday, denying essentially all of the claims made in Adam’s lawsuit. The response asks the court to dismiss Adam’s complaint in its entirety.

Lawyers for Adam also allege the officer who fired the less lethal round declined to document the use of force, notify a supervisor, provide aid, and record injuries, as is required under MPD Policy.

The lawsuit claims that due to the fact that a report was not completed or submitted, MPD officers flagrantly violated constitutional rights. The officers involved in the incident have not yet been identified due to what Adam’s lawyers call “department-wide reporting and cover-up methods.”

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The City of Minneapolis declined to comment on pending litigation.

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