‘Lucky in Luck’: Ticket worth $15M sold in western Wisconsin town of Luck

If you’re trying to win the lottery, you need all the luck you can get — so why not buy a ticket in Luck, Wisconsin?

One person who did just that woke up as a big winner Thursday.

The Wisconsin Lottery says a Megabucks jackpot-winning ticket worth $15.1 million was sold in the western Wisconsin town of Luck for Wednesday night’s drawing.

The ticket was sold at Wayne’s Food Plus on Butternut Avenue and is the largest winner ever sold by the lottery retailer. It’s also the biggest Megabucks jackpot won since 2015, when someone hit a $22.2 million jackpot.

A photo of Wayne’s Food Plus courtesy of Paul Wondra.

“We could not be happier for the winner. They truly got lucky in Luck,” store manager Paul Wondra said.

Megabucks is a Wisconsin-only lottery game that has drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Lottery officials say the winner has 180 days from last night to claim their winnings at the Madison Lottery Office.

For selling the winning ticket, Wayne’s Food Plus will also get a $100,000 bonus.