Local rescue aims to bring strays home for the holidays

A local rescue is hoping to provide homes for strays this holiday season.

For the second year, Ruff Start Rescue is running the 12 Days of Strays program, which showcases 12 dogs from local impounds over 12 days.

The program aims to find a warm home and loving family that can foster the dog for the holiday and beyond.

“The holidays are a joyous time for many, but for stray animals, this time can be sad and lonely. For impound and shelter employees it can be stressful and heartbreaking to watch animals come in from the cold without a place to call home or a family of their own,” said a spokesperson for Ruff Start Rescue.

Folks can take it a step further and adopt the pups, which are featured during weekdays. The first dog, Wilbur, was posted to Ruff Start Rescue for fostering on Dec. 6. Since then, Bea (and three of her pups), Figgy Pudding, Hippopotamus, and Tiny Nibbletree have all hit the website for fostering.

Tiny Nibbletree and Figgy Pudding have been paired with a foster home, while Wilbur, Bea, and Hippopotamus are all still looking for a home for the holidays.

For more information on 12 Days of Strays, and to look at the dogs, CLICK HERE.