Legislators introduce ‘People Over Parking’ bill to remove minimum parking spot quotas

There’s a new push to change state parking laws in Minnesota.

Many cities currently require developers to have a certain number of parking spots when they build a new building or renovate an existing one.

Supporters of the new proposal want to ban minimum parking requirements statewide.

Some cities, including Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth, have already passed ordinances to eliminate the requirements.

Minnesota State Senator Omar Fateh introduced the “People over parking” legislation during a hearing on Tuesday.

“These mandates also often force people to build far more parking than they need, and they’re especially burdensome to renters,” said Sen. Omar Fateh (DFL-Minneapolis).

James Vagle, CEO of Housing First Minnesota, issued the following statement regarding the legislation, saying, “Parking mandates are among the most exclusionary land-use tactics in housing, and a policy which increases housing costs in Minnesota. Allowing property owners to choose their parking needs is one of many meaningful zoning and land-use reforms that we hope the legislature tackles this session. Renters and homeowners alike will benefit with more housing opportunities and greater affordability.”

Supporters say not all renters have a car, but that parking is still built into rent payments.