KSTPKindness: 'Sorry we called the cops on you' neighbors apologized after finding out a mom was helping her daughter play Pokemon Go

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This KSTP Kindness story starts a little rocky, but we promise it is nothing but a nice act of kindness. 

Neighbors called the cops on Amy Kellems for driving around and making multiple stops in her Lino Lakes neighborhood, but it turned out that she was just taking her 12-year-old daughter around the area playing Pokemon Go. 

The pair wanted to try and beat the quarantine cabin fever. 

The neighbors ended up feeling bad and decided to get them a Pokemon Go cake that said, "sorry, we called the cops on you." 

Kellems said she realized it seemed kind of creepy driving around super slow and pulling over here and there at imaginary stops.

Kellems and her 12-year-old daughter ended up getting pulled over in their driveway as they were getting home. 

The police said they had numerous calls about a suspicious vehicle.      

The next day Kellems and her daughter got a ring on their doorbell and when they opened the door, there stood a couple of kids and a mom standing back with the Pokemon Go cake on their step. 

They instantly said, "we're so sorry!"

What started off rocky actually got them to meet their neighbors and add them on Facebook.