Known for social media humor, Chisago County Sheriff's Office announces 'Toilet Paper Task Force' on April Fools' Day

Known for its humor on social media, the Chisago County Sheriff's Office used April Fools' Day to lighten the mood during a time of concern. 

Citing toilet paper shortages during the COVID-19 outbreak, the sheriff's office posted on social media saying, "Desperate time. Desperate measures." 

In the post, the sheriff's office joked that it is creating a "Toilet Paper Task Force." 

"The greed and hoarding of this precious commodity needs to be stopped and we have heard your complaints on this issue," the sheriff's office said in a post. 

In the joke social media post, the sheriff's office said anyone possessing more than 10 rolls of toilet paper may be considered in violation of "Possession of Toiletry Paraphernalia." 

The sheriff's office keeps the joke going, saying that those found in possession of higher quality toilet paper will face higher fines, while those hoarding lower quality will not have to dish out as much.