INTERVIEW: One Good Deed ‘Scarf Bombing’

Interview: One Good Deed ‘Scarf Boming’

Interview: One Good Deed 'Scarf Boming'

For the seventh year in a row, volunteers will ‘scarf bomb’ at a few local parks. The event distributes winter clothes, including hats, scarves, and other warm items, across parks with a note for people who find the items to take them for free.

One Good Deed Founder Michelle Christensen sat down with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS anchor Brett Hoffland to talk about the annual event and why it is so meaningful.

This year, items will be distributed at four parks: Loring Park and Cedar Avenue Field Park in Minneapolis and Kellogg Park and Rice Park in St. Paul.

One Good Deed holds one event a month that is meant to be an act of kindness. You can find out more about the organization HERE.