Income tax filing season starts Monday

Maybe the least wonderful time of the year for some people has arrived.

Tax filing season officially started on Monday, allowing taxpayers to start filing state and federal income tax returns.

While it starts on Monday, taxpayers have until April 15 to file and pay their income taxes.

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The Minnesota Department of Revenue recommends filing electronically and choosing direct deposit for the most convenience. Wisconsin also has an electronic filing system this year. Certain taxpayers in each state may qualify for free filing based on adjusted gross income.

Minnesotans may qualify for a child tax credit of $1,750 per child this year. More information on that credit is available online.

As always, state officials urge taxpayers to check closely for accuracy before filing, as incorrect information can result in delays for refunds. It’s also important to save receipts and other tax documents related to certain credits and deductions.

For those who get a refund, click here to track it in Minnesota or here for Wisconsinites.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue also notes that while many taxpayers file their property tax returns at the same time as income tax returns, the state can’t start processing those until July 1 so taxpayers can wait on property taxes.