ICU Medical to permanently close, announces dozens of layoffs

Dozens of employees will be laid off from an Oakdale business later this year due to a closure that a letter sent to the city’s mayor and state officials on Thursday says, “is expected to be permanent.”

ICU Medical says about 81 employees will be laid off starting in October as the facility, located on Granada Avenue North, begins to close.

The closure is due to changes in ICU Medical’s manufacturing operations at the Oakdale facility and other locations across the country, according to a notice the company sent to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Among the positions included in the layoffs are:

  • Engineering technicians;
  • Engineering managers;
  • Production leads;
  • Warehouse supervisors;
  • Inspectors;
  • Facilities managers;
  • Managers for the warehouse and human resources.

ICU Medical expects the business to be fully closed by Dec. 31, 2024.

According to the company, none of the employees affected by the closure are represented by a union, and no one has bumping rights.