Humane Society takes in 56 animals from Morrison County

Officials with the Animal Humane Society say they’ve taken nearly five dozen animals that were living in unfit conditions in Morrison County.

Friday, the organization said its investigations agents took a total of 56 dogs, cats and critters from the space they were in due to overcrowding and unsanitary conditions.

“Constant exposure to filth had left some with severe upper respiratory infections and skin conditions,” the Humane Society said in a social media post. “Some were dehydrated. All of them were frightened, exhausted, and overwhelmed.”

The animals ranged in age from just a couple of months old to more than 12 years old.

Staff will now provide care such as vaccines, surgeries and other behavioral help to prepare them for adoption.

The Humane Society also took the chance to ask for donations, saying donations fuel its ability to provide the significant space, time and resources needed in large rescues like this.