Hennepin County EMS announces new ‘Jump Car’ program meant to speed up 911 response call times

Hennepin County Emergency Medical Services announced the implementation of a new “Jump Car” program that is meant to speed up response times to “low acuity or routine response” calls.

The program involves Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) providing a basic medical assessment and care but no transport until an advanced life support paramedic ambulance arrives at the scene. The EMR’s will respond to routine low-acuity 911 calls, meaning the calls have no need for advanced life support care or lights and sirens.

The goal is for EMR teams to free up other first responders, or assess a situation and request an upgraded response if needed.

This would ensure the appropriate level of response for all 911 calls and provide the best care possible for a patient before they arrive at a hospital, according to Hennepin County.

Hennepin County added that this is a pilot program and is not for 24/7 hour response.

The hope is that the program will relieve the strain on first responders as they fulfill their duties in the community.