Hennepin County approves $2.61 billion budget for 2023

The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners approved a $2.61 billion budget for 2023 on Thursday.

According to Hennepin County, the budget includes a net property tax levy of $930.8 million, which is a 3.5% increase from last year.

“The board considered a 4.5% property tax levy increase, but ultimately decided to proceed with a 3.5% increase based on recommendations from administration,” said Hennepin County Board Chair Marion Greene. “We know we have a responsibility to our residents and businesses to be conscientious of property tax increases, especially given the continued economic recovery from the pandemic and the rising inflation levels. The adopted budget covers all of our critical services, funds planned infrastructure improvements for 2023, and supports the county’s equity-focused programming.”

The budget focuses on addressing disparity reduction, climate action, and safe communities as the county adjusts to the new normal after the pandemic, the county said.

The budget and levy include the county’s operating and capital budgets.

The operating budget funds day-to-day services for residents. The operating portion of the 2023 budget is $2.26 billion, which is an $84.9 million increase from last year.

The capital budget includes investments in infrastructure. The capital portion of the 2023 budget is $347.7 million, which is a $973,000 increase from last year. The capital portion of the 2023 budget will finance projects such as the Bottineau METRO Blue Line Light Rail Extension, as well as assess and maintain roads, bridges and trails. It will also finance investments into environment and energy infrastructure, as well as public safety and judiciary facilities and infrastructure.