Former Eden Prairie teacher charged with having inappropriate relationship with high school student

A former teacher for Eden Prairie High School is facing child endangerment charges after police found evidence of an inappropriate relationship between him and a former student.

Police say they received a report that Craig Lee Hollenbeck was having a relationship with one of his former students in September 2021, according to a Hennepin County criminal complaint. The contact between the two reportedly began in February 2021 and included texts, social media, Facetime and in-person meetings.

The information came from a mandated reporter who said they spoke to Hollenbeck’s adult girlfriend. They added that the student would also meet with Hollenbeck in his classroom during the free third hour of the day, and that he locked the door during that time.

The complaint states that records confirm the student, who graduated high school on May 27, 2021, was in a class taught by Hollenbeck during the second semester of 2020-2021.

Police say they reviewed messages between the student and the teacher, and that Hollenbeck said in those messages that he had fallen in love with the student. The messages also detail moments of intimacy that they shared in the classroom.

The complaint also states that Hollenbeck’s phone showed a search history of how to delete notes and social media messages and accounts.

Eden Prairie officers say they consulted experts who determined that Hollenbeck’s actions were child grooming and that the behavior would likely harm a minor’s emotional and/or mental health.

Hollenbeck is not currently in custody.