Family raises fund to replace daughter's stolen wheelchair

After pleas to have a stolen wheelchair returned, a family has raised the money needed to replace it. 

Bobbi Glewwe has cerebral palsy and rotates between a wheelchair and walker. Recently, when Bobbi left her wheelchair in the driveway, it was stolen. 

However, her family says they have raised the funds to replace. 

Family from Mendota Heights pleading for return of daughter's wheelchair

Matt Glewwe, Bobbi's father, said the family was able to surpass their fundraising goal on GoFundMe in under 24 hours.

"We (Bobbi's parent's) and Bobbi are just blown away by everyone's generosity! It looks like there's a good chance we'll be able to get some sort of discount on the replacement, meaning that not only will Bobbi get a chair out of this, but so will other people through Joni and Friends. What a beautiful way for this situation to turn out – Bobbi goes through some time without her wheels, but in the end, more than just her will benefit from what she's gone through," Bobbi's parents said on the GoFundMe.

Glewwe says the family has placed an order for the replacement chair, and it is expected to be manufactured and delivered in three to four weeks.