Family, dog rescued by Coast Guard after boat takes on water near Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

A family and their dog were rescued by the Coast Guard Monday afternoon after the boat they were in began taking on water near the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.

St. Louis County Sheriff's Deputy Matt Miranda told ABC-affiliate WDIO that 911 received a report of a small craft in distress on Lake Superior at around 3 p.m. Monday.

He said the operators of the 22-foot boat told dispatchers they were about a 1/2 mile south of the lift bridge, the boat was taking on water and the main engine was disabled.

A Coast Guard vessel sped out to the disabled boat and towed it to safety. The occupants were all fine and in good spirits.

Authorities said the family thinks their boat struck submerged debris causing seals around the lower unit to breach and allow water to enter the hull.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Duluth Fire Department, St. Louis County Rescue Squad, Duluth Police Department and the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene.