Edina police say burglars targeting ‘affluent neighborhoods’

Authorities are warning residents that burglars have been targeting homes in well-off neighborhoods and are offering some tips to increase security.

Edina police said its officers and those from many surrounding agencies have responded to several burglaries around the metro over the past few months. While that investigation is still ongoing, investigators believe one or more organized groups are targeting “affluent neighborhoods.”

According to police, the suspects haven’t been violent and typically hit unoccupied homes but have made off with jewelry, safes and high-end merchandise.

In some cases, video has shown a suspect riding to and from locations on a bicycle while a getaway vehicle presumably waits nearby.

While police say they’ve increased patrols in neighborhoods they believe are being targeted, they also offered the following tips for residents:

  • Install security alarms and always set them before leaving.
  • Direct the alarm monitoring company to contact police immediately if an alarm goes off instead of contacting the homeowner first.
  • Install security cameras and lights outside the home and keep them on at night. Ones that can be monitored by phone are particularly useful.
  • Register security cameras with the city’s SafeCam program so investigators know they can reach out if a crime is committed in the area.
  • Always have all doors and windows locked when leaving home.
  • Leave some lights on inside to make it appear that people are home.
  • Report suspicious activity.

Anyone with information that could help investigators find the burglary suspects is asked to call Edina police at 952-826-1600.